WEEKEND is pleased to present 9 Photographs, a solo exhibition of large-scale color photographs by Los Angeles based artist, Greg Curtis. In this new body of work, Curtis enlisted commercial cinematographer Adam Michael Becker to create a series of abstract photographs wherein the mechanics of the camera lens itself are the sole object. With the camera pointed at a blank wall in the artist's studio, commercial lights were directed into various lenses to produce lens flares, a phenomenon that occurs when non-image forming light enters and refracts within the glass components of the lens before reaching the camera's film or digital sensor. The resulting images are at once diminutive and expansive: portraits of the camera's own machinations presented as vast extraterrestrial events. The works in 9 Photographs are self-reflexive experiments made with equipment and skilled labor from the entertainment industry, isolating and foregrounding what is usually considered at best an aesthetic flourish, and at worst an error on the part of the photographer.

Greg Curtis' works in photography, video, installation, and sound engage notions of erasure, absence, and alienation embedded within the consumption and dissemination of photographic images. He has exhibited and performed at Elephant, Cirrus Gallery, Land of Tomorrow, Dan Graham, Blythe Projects, Fellows of Contemporary Art and Sea and Space Explorations, among others. His work has been reviewed or featured in Flaunt, art ltd. and Artillery. He received an MFA from California Institute of the Arts.





June 14th - July 7th, 2013

Opening Reception: June 14th, 7-10pm