WEEKEND is pleased to present Hide the Evidence, an exhibition of photographic works by Los Angeles based artist Suzanne Adelman.   In Hide the Evidence, Adelman explores the physiological experience of vision and perception through a series of images depicting mundane urban environments, interior spaces, and landscapes that subtly expound on cultural and environmental scenarios and subtexts, the nature of seeing, and how this relates to the representational issues of the photograph.

By employing a motion blur to discrete sections of her photographs, Adelman draws attention to the process through which the brain analyzes visual information, wherein everything we perceive, however routine, is an approximation of raw data. In order to compensate for this overload of data, the brain "roughs in" large areas of the visual field, often providing us with an incomplete picture of visual experience that we nonetheless consider seamless.

Ultimately, Adelman's work succeeds in elucidating these qualities of the visual experience while drawing analogies to the constructed nature both of vision and the photograph. Adelman's blurred images reveal perception to be a nebulous and murky affair, mediated by transitory fragments of analog experience that are memory-based, illusive and ultimately ephemeral.

Suzanne Adelman is an artist and curator based in Los Angeles and received her MFA in art from CalArts. Her work has been included in various group and solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, and Europe.





Untitled, Ultrachrome Archival Print 23 x 15.3", 2011

February 3rd - 26th, 2012

Los Angeles Times Review by Holly Myers

Exhibition Images